Picture Answers

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i know its been a while since i post up in my blog, was too lazy to do so, but my chick ask me to do this particular post..then i do lah.

Q1. The age you will be on your next birthday.

Answer: 22

Q2. A place you’d like to travel to.

Answer: Amsterdam

Q2. Your favourite place.

answer: My room

Q3. Your favourite food.

Answer: Salmon

Q5. Your favourite pet animal.

Answer: British Bulldogs & Pitbulls

Q6. Your favourite color combination.

Answer: Black and Yellow

Q7. Your favourite piece of clothing.

Answer: Jeans

Q8. Your all time current favourite song.

Answer: Digital Bath by Deftones

Q9. Your favourite TV show (currently).

answer: Friday Night Lights

Q10. The town you live in.

answer: Kuching

Q11. Your first job.

Answer: debt collector

Q12. Your dream job.

Answer: being a lazy well paid architect (hahah gotta love this interpret picture of architects!)

Q13. A bad habit you have.

Answer: bumming around / being lazy

Q14. Your worst fear.

answer: getting into an accident

Q15. One thing you’d like to do before you die.

answer: to crash a ferrari and not pay for it.



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so yeah, watched this movie called Stay . was made in 2005. and i thought it was one of a kind movie, very brilliant vision that director. The capturing effect was damn trippy, story line was damn crazy! but confusing at the same time, movie soundtrack comes from my favorite bands like Massive Attack, Damian Rice etc. Movie was freaking weird all i can say…really mind twisting just the way i like movies. and the ending…DAMN!!!! till now i’m trying to figure out. not going to tell cos spoilers are not good! if u have the chance to watch it, WATCH IT!.

i know some of you out there dont share the same taste as me and dont understand the concept of thing from my opinion, and most of the time get me wrong, but this is totally up to you to judge, but for me, i give it a 4 out of 5 rating!

click the link >  here  < for Stay’s Trailer.

P.S. dont worry it’s not a ghost/horror movie, because if it is, i wont be writting bout it. not a fan of that genre!

Songs and Their Effects

•24 May 2008 • 8 Comments

ahh..songs, where can us teenagers be without them? songs can change ones mood, can make us feel a certain way, and of cos gets you in the zone man! especially when ur on drugs. these are a few songs that i really do respect and, are my favorites. click on the song name, and it will be link to youtube so u can sample the songs that i’ll be talking about.

Deathtones- Digital Bath

This is my number one song. love it to death. to me this song is depressing, dark and twisted, gives you this helpless obsession feeling for something or someone. The song give me an impression that, having something more is never enough if u have an obsession, and their for, once your obsessed, you’ll never be cure form it. but the way he sings it, is like, it’s ok to be obsessed, and that to me is depressing for him to live in obsession. like i said, helplessly obsess for something or someone (scary song), listen to the music and lyric, depressing i tell you!.. but i like it. its just to damn dark! hehe

Hard-Fi – Hard to beat

haha this song. makes me feel excited for some reason hahah! i don’t know why, must be the naught tune. it’s a straight froward song. singing bout this dude wanting this chick but the chick is playing hard to get.

Bloc Party- Banquet

my indie days..hehe, these British guys make great songs not just this one but the whole album. totally underground band, 3-4 years before. now i guess their aboveground? anyway, the sound of the drums and the guitar just make u wanna tap you feet and move ur head to the beat. its hard to get the meaning of the song, every one that i know, knows this song, has their own version about the meaning of the song. for me, i guess it about this dude who likes this girl so much that it destroy him inside, but after he figured that out, it’s about telling how bad the chick is and bout him fixing him self up.

Taking Back Sunday- This photograph is proof

i’m not sure what genre this song is. screamo? emo? not sure. good thing bout this song is the timing of the song, their are 2 vocalist singing this song and the timing of them singing is just cun pok! make u feel like out of breath. not sure why is it my list of songs but i guess its worth a listen. this is the song that needs to grow on you though.

A Perfect Circle- 3 Libra’s

ok this song is hard to relate to, one of them twisted song, but from my point of view, its telling us about these 2 person trying to see through each other but their eyes are blurred by the feelings they have for each other, and end up not seeing the truth about the other person, and it all ends up tragically and wasted. the last part of the song tells it all. very interesting song this, if their is a movie based on this song, its gonna be a sad movie.

Puddle of Mudd- Blurry

this song has this courageous feeling to it, gives you hope in terrible situation somehow. a sing-along kind of song, very enjoyable song to sign along together wit friends when you tipsy, driving around hahah!

Third Eye Blind- The Background

man i grow up listening to these guys. background, this song..damn JIWANG to the max! its about him losing his girl and that even if she’s gone he still keeps her memory in him, his undying love for her. also his telling us his story bout what he gone through losing the girl. the song feels so peaceful, the lyric are hard hitting jiwang! i highly recommend you hearing this song. no other jiwang-ish song can compare to this one, mark my words! go on..click it!!

Massive Attack- Teardrop

the ultimate drug song, its gonna trip the hell out of you man, has a strange/scary video clip as well, if u listen to the song with a good sound system when your high, u gonna get so trippy u gonna get lost in your own room. NO KIDDING!

Cold- No One

well the singer said, the song is about his mum. i dont know bout that, but its such a dramatic song to me, the dude got a unique voice, the way he sings it make the feel of the music very edgy, parts of the song makes u feel like wanna burst out “energy”, it keeps building that “energy” in you, as soon as the music reach it peak, your expecting a damn heavy guitar riff with screaming. but your in for a surprise they way it release all he energy out feel damn smooth, just slides it out

Goo Goo Dolls- Iris

ok i bet almost everyone knows this song, its originally sung by Goo Goo Dolls, not that Ronan Keating guy!!! i’m not gonna explain much bout this song. just wanna put it in cos i believe this song are one of the timeless songs ever created.

Death Cab For Cutie- Title and Registration

sad lyric happy sounds..and a funny video clip. song’s about someone finding something that reminds that person of someone. get it?

Bloc Party- This Modern Love

magical……. seriously magically dreamy song. easily daydream away listening to this one. u should listen to this song if u like dreamy songs. songs about the modern love we experience now days in out time. very funny lyric also. the link given above is their live performance. if u wanna listen to just the music it self click here <<click here>>

Slipknot- Vermilion Part 2

hahah ok well some of you know that slipknot is a damn kuat! heavy metal punya genera, all the screaming of suffering, the heavy drums on steroids, kick as guitar riff, etc etc. and some of you who cant stand or even cant listen to this type of tunes, you’ll be suprise when u listen to this song by them, totally not the traditional slipknot style. its semi acoustic and whats most funny of all, its a JIWANG song! can u believe it!? but hey, seriously its a good song. give it a listen, i promise you its worth your while..even heavy metal guys has a soft side to them..haha..

so about the song form my point of view. is about a boy girl relationship, he likes a girl so much to the extend of obsession, and of cos slipknot style of a story is that he cant get to the girl, cos he knows that his not worthy enough to be wit the girl, very sad actually the way he tells it in the song, and their is a part in the song where he actually said “she isn’t real, i cant make her real” which to me give a picture that the girl means so much to him that shes not even real any more ie: too good to be true. be warn…the video clip is very twisted, its a continue of vermilion part 1.

Foo Fighter- Walking after you

there is nothing to be said about this song….cos it a special song for me and my matal! hahah!

Complete Set

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ok, heres the deal. i have gone through lots of worries trying to get Grand Theft Auto IV,

1st: shipment of the game arriving kuching 3 days late

2nd: stock of shipment limited

3rd: which version of GTA IV kuching shop are ordering

4th: the freezing issue of the game that have been reported by users around the world

so yeah i could not sleep, thinking bout this crazy stuff ( yeah i know some of you would say “aya, just a game man, jeezzz!” ) and i woke up early every time without fail average time around 6-7am, even if i sleep around 3am the night before, just to go on line and check the GTA forums every morning about the progress of the game issues.

but finally i just use the “fuck it theory” just wait an extra 3days, and grab the game, US version of cos and just try my luck that the game does not freezes, and might eventuality fuck up my ps3 (*touch wood*)

and what do u know! it works! been playing it flawlessly, and the game is amazing! my GTA fever is officially over! which made me able to add a new post on my blog. wooho! i would talk about the game details but, i know some of the readers of my blogs are not interested in it. so “fuck it” hahaha! to sum it up. my entertainment list of 2008 is completed: PlayStation3 and GTA IV.

my entertainment wish list set of 2008…hmm..what do u think? maybe might need a HD TV with that huh? a small one for my room??…guess I’ll just have to put it on my 2009 wish list..hehhe

ps3 n gta4

The game itself yes the most expensive piece of disc i have ever own

front cover

inside cover

The bonus material, gotta love RockStar for give shit like these. Yes its the map and subway route of Liberty City, (the game is so big that u need a map haha!)


subway map

The Wait….ohh the wait!!

•23 Apr 2008 • 1 Comment

yes all u gamers, are u having the fever? the GTA fever? cos i am!!!…from this day on, as in April 23 2008, 5 more days to 29th April 2008 and whats happening on April the 29th?..whats else!! The Biggest Unrevealing In The Gaming History and The Most Wanted Game of The Year, The World Have Ever Seen! yes, its giving me chills saying this …Grand Theft Auto IV… GTA4 man!!! arrrgggeerrrrrr!!! i cant sleep just thinking about it, it has been a week that i have been awake at 6-7am just thinking of the games, the teasers and the trailers of the games is really teasing me man…! i hv been visiting gta4.net and gamespot like every morning waiting for updates!

this is the first time i’m being a zombie not while playing the game but waiting for the game! never fail that every 5-10second in my head the word gta4 pop out in my head, and wondering how would the game play would be like.. i just found out today’s gta4 updates, that their was this photo of the PS3 GTA4 cover on a very low res phone camera taken by an Australian retail worker….and i scream so loud at my computer scream and almost broke my vocal cords, i felt my eyes almost popped out..HahaH! i cant believe that is actually in stores now! why the hell don’t they just put it on sale right away?! man if i was that guy i’ll just take it home and play it man, but of cos pay for it la! don’t be a dumb ass…

but whats killing me is that kuching fucking gaming store are fucking dumb, lame, stupid, and fucking idiots! why the fuck must they wait for an international store like in KL, Singapore, Australia to starts selling first, then order it from them?! for that stupid way of doing business i have to wait an extra 2 fucking days until i can get my hands on that golden blue-ray disc. why cant they just make their own connection/line on games direct from the states?! so u can get the game first and compete wit other stores!!!!??!!??! and wats worts! if your good at math, count 2 days after 29 april..its May 1st..and what may 1st?..its fucking labor day!!!!! CCCIIBBBAAAIIII!!!!!!!!! the stores are close!!!!!!!! ffuuuuuckSss!! so meaning i have to wait an extra 3 days!!!!!!! babi lancau keng keng!!!!!!!…..hahah (keng keng)

thats what i’m worried about most of the time. just wondering when it will be out in kuching. arrrggeer. so this 29th. i’m going to all the stores that are selling ps3 games and ask when will it be out. and the store that will be importing GTA4 the fastest. i’ll give them half the amount of the game in the name of booking! cos the last thing i want is that when i arrive in that store. some ugly fucking fuck head who ever it is, bought the game before me. Cos i know kuching store will only buy 1 game each, cos they “takut rugi”!!! thats why kuching will never be up to date with the rest of the world..all we do is WAIT!

these are the pic that made me scream at my screen hehe..

spy shot

and my lonely ps3..it needs it’s friend GTA4 😦


Chicken Pox…….biatch!!

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ok well some of u know i got chicken pox, what the fuck man! at this age again, and the worst region is on my face!!! i thought my mum told me before i had chicken pox when i was a kid. then i ask her again, then she said “eh! i never told u, that u had chicken pox before!“..babi…so now is day 6 of chicken pox since it was conform , and i feel much better to blog. no more itching..Haha!

so at first i had this very bad eye pain, my eyeball are like heating up, and every time i made movement in my eye it hurts my head, like massive migraine, and devona scare me saying it might be something serious like a tumor!..babi u scared me u babi!! Hahaha! so i went to the doctor, wont say the doc’s name, and he did the test and the check on my eye, and told me that i simply didn’t had enough rest and too much stress, till my blood pressure went slightly up ..well so i thought i was over studying for my finals.. so i decide to rest well that night.

next morning…FUCK! red spots appear on my stomach region…and around my back, like 10 on each side….i was freaking the fuck out!!! HahaHA!! so i decide to just leave it alone. maybe its some sort of bites, cos before that night i slept over at kampong Seratau at my grandparents place.

end of the day it didn’t went away instead it got even more red! my girlfriend saw the spots and she said i might have chicken pox, so i went back to that doctor AGAIN… and he said.. “..uuummm, its not chicken pox, its some kind of virus“….. bang!!! my face went pale! my heart pumping blood like crazy, my legs went weak…then he added “but it will be gone in 3-5days, i’ll just give u someting to stop the itching”….phew!

day 3 of encountering  the pox : i woke up like any other normal day..went to the bathroom to wash my face and….this sharp shock ran through my body after i saw, those red spots arrive to my face n neck!!..so i had enough of this shit, i gonna see another doctor, it was freaking me out like crazy man, u have no idea. then this other doctor she checked the spots carefully, look at almost every spots. and said “you got the pox, chicken pox”….HahaHAH!!!! i was relieve it was not that “some kind of virus” ..damn that other doc really need to go back to uni again man.

well the experience of having chicken pox it not fun. it itches, makes u look really gross, and whats worst for me, is that i cant go for my Contract Administration final exam..FUCK! i studied my ass off for that piece of shit paper for nothing, and i have to do it all over again!. i fucking hate that fucking subject! i need to fucking pass it ..and! i got chicken pox…. sigh! and the other worst part is i have that pox in my mouth as well and it turns into an ulcer ..so it hurts eating and drinking, but i need to drink lots of water, so u get the picture.


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Paranoia is a disturbing thought process characterized by excessive anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion description of paranoia by wikipedia. hmm… i believe paranoia has its level. to me being paranoid is just being cautions dont u think? it’s like preparing yourself to embrace the worst and or maybe avoid the worst, i have my fair share of paranoia but i would level it as surface paranoia, let me explain. when you are so used to something that has become a routine, but there is a tiny change to it.

For example; you know that you will get or expecting a call from someone but the call never made it, or maybe there is a car following you from behind for a long time, or maybe even a situations, i get paranoid, my brain start scattering, thoughts fly through my head, all kinds of scenarios occur in my head playing over and over again, i just natural get ready for whats gonna happen the voice in my head goes like this “ok, if that happens, i’ll do this, if this happens, i’ll do that”. is that what u call critical paranoia? in my point of view its not. thats what i call surface paranoia…HahahAH!

anyhow..i was out with my cousins just now, Meloh, Grace, and Jy. we decide to eat at open air for some all time favorite beef noodles and it was pack, cant find parking so we had to park our car behind electra house, they were really nosily girl talking to each other and as i pull up to the parking spot all my cousins suddenly kept silent, and paranoia kicked in like for a split second, but i ignore it. what possibly could go wrong right?

Grace: “aie?”

Jy: “…..”

Meloh, Jy, Grace: “…..taaaannn…..taaaann!!!….ATTAN!!!!!!!!

Attan: “ha?..what? what?!?….WHAT the FUCK are u all screaming at?!”

at this point my door was half open..and all this confusion, paranoia, and freaking out was scaring the living shit out of me

Meloh: ” tan!! tutup pintu dek! “ ( close your door)

i slamed the door as hard as i possibly can, i can feel the vibration of the glass window. but i wasn’t driving my own car thought..hehe. at this point i was looking left right front back, my left hand was on the hon waiting to blast it if anything happen, in my head all i could think was that is there a guy trying to rob us or what? my left hand was all over the door trying to lock the car

Meloh reach over n quickly press the lock button.

at this point i was calm…the girls were like

“oh my god, oh my god….”

at this point i still dont know whats happening

Grace:ee tan, i dont want to come out from this car..” with a nervous voice

Jy: “medak dek tan!” ( look tan)

Attan: “nama nyak? neh besik utai?” (what is it? i dont see anything)

Grace: “nai medak dek urang gila nyak!?” (cant u see theres a crazy guy there?)

Meloh: “auk ah!” (yeah lah!)

and there was this guy..he looked all scruffy wit torn shits, sitting on the dirty floor smiling and slightly nodding his head at my cousins

Attan: “HAHAHAHAH!!! what the hell is the matter with u all? its just some poor dude trying to feast his eyes on you, kesian him la, his human bah”

Jy: “eeeh park some where else la….”

yeah so thats what happened just now la…HahaH! freaking out at some mindless unsound dude, who is just trying to stay alive. one more question before i end this post. who u think is paranoid? my cousins? or me?