Chicken Pox…….biatch!!

ok well some of u know i got chicken pox, what the fuck man! at this age again, and the worst region is on my face!!! i thought my mum told me before i had chicken pox when i was a kid. then i ask her again, then she said “eh! i never told u, that u had chicken pox before!“..babi…so now is day 6 of chicken pox since it was conform , and i feel much better to blog. no more itching..Haha!

so at first i had this very bad eye pain, my eyeball are like heating up, and every time i made movement in my eye it hurts my head, like massive migraine, and devona scare me saying it might be something serious like a tumor!..babi u scared me u babi!! Hahaha! so i went to the doctor, wont say the doc’s name, and he did the test and the check on my eye, and told me that i simply didn’t had enough rest and too much stress, till my blood pressure went slightly up ..well so i thought i was over studying for my finals.. so i decide to rest well that night.

next morning…FUCK! red spots appear on my stomach region…and around my back, like 10 on each side….i was freaking the fuck out!!! HahaHA!! so i decide to just leave it alone. maybe its some sort of bites, cos before that night i slept over at kampong Seratau at my grandparents place.

end of the day it didn’t went away instead it got even more red! my girlfriend saw the spots and she said i might have chicken pox, so i went back to that doctor AGAIN… and he said.. “..uuummm, its not chicken pox, its some kind of virus“….. bang!!! my face went pale! my heart pumping blood like crazy, my legs went weak…then he added “but it will be gone in 3-5days, i’ll just give u someting to stop the itching”….phew!

day 3 of encountering¬† the pox : i woke up like any other normal day..went to the bathroom to wash my face and….this sharp shock ran through my body after i saw, those red spots arrive to my face n neck!! i had enough of this shit, i gonna see another doctor, it was freaking me out like crazy man, u have no idea. then this other doctor she checked the spots carefully, look at almost every spots. and said “you got the pox, chicken pox”….HahaHAH!!!! i was relieve it was not that “some kind of virus” ..damn that other doc really need to go back to uni again man.

well the experience of having chicken pox it not fun. it itches, makes u look really gross, and whats worst for me, is that i cant go for my Contract Administration final exam..FUCK! i studied my ass off for that piece of shit paper for nothing, and i have to do it all over again!. i fucking hate that fucking subject! i need to fucking pass it ..and! i got chicken pox…. sigh! and the other worst part is i have that pox in my mouth as well and it turns into an ulcer it hurts eating and drinking, but i need to drink lots of water, so u get the picture.


~ by Attan on 20 Apr 2008.

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