The Wait….ohh the wait!!

yes all u gamers, are u having the fever? the GTA fever? cos i am!!!…from this day on, as in April 23 2008, 5 more days to 29th April 2008 and whats happening on April the 29th?..whats else!! The Biggest Unrevealing In The Gaming History and The Most Wanted Game of The Year, The World Have Ever Seen! yes, its giving me chills saying this …Grand Theft Auto IV… GTA4 man!!! arrrgggeerrrrrr!!! i cant sleep just thinking about it, it has been a week that i have been awake at 6-7am just thinking of the games, the teasers and the trailers of the games is really teasing me man…! i hv been visiting and gamespot like every morning waiting for updates!

this is the first time i’m being a zombie not while playing the game but waiting for the game! never fail that every 5-10second in my head the word gta4 pop out in my head, and wondering how would the game play would be like.. i just found out today’s gta4 updates, that their was this photo of the PS3 GTA4 cover on a very low res phone camera taken by an Australian retail worker….and i scream so loud at my computer scream and almost broke my vocal cords, i felt my eyes almost popped out..HahaH! i cant believe that is actually in stores now! why the hell don’t they just put it on sale right away?! man if i was that guy i’ll just take it home and play it man, but of cos pay for it la! don’t be a dumb ass…

but whats killing me is that kuching fucking gaming store are fucking dumb, lame, stupid, and fucking idiots! why the fuck must they wait for an international store like in KL, Singapore, Australia to starts selling first, then order it from them?! for that stupid way of doing business i have to wait an extra 2 fucking days until i can get my hands on that golden blue-ray disc. why cant they just make their own connection/line on games direct from the states?! so u can get the game first and compete wit other stores!!!!??!!??! and wats worts! if your good at math, count 2 days after 29 april..its May 1st..and what may 1st?..its fucking labor day!!!!! CCCIIBBBAAAIIII!!!!!!!!! the stores are close!!!!!!!! ffuuuuuckSss!! so meaning i have to wait an extra 3 days!!!!!!! babi lancau keng keng!!!!!!!…..hahah (keng keng)

thats what i’m worried about most of the time. just wondering when it will be out in kuching. arrrggeer. so this 29th. i’m going to all the stores that are selling ps3 games and ask when will it be out. and the store that will be importing GTA4 the fastest. i’ll give them half the amount of the game in the name of booking! cos the last thing i want is that when i arrive in that store. some ugly fucking fuck head who ever it is, bought the game before me. Cos i know kuching store will only buy 1 game each, cos they “takut rugi”!!! thats why kuching will never be up to date with the rest of the world..all we do is WAIT!

these are the pic that made me scream at my screen hehe..

spy shot

and my lonely needs it’s friend GTA4 😦



~ by Attan on 23 Apr 2008.

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