Complete Set

ok, heres the deal. i have gone through lots of worries trying to get Grand Theft Auto IV,

1st: shipment of the game arriving kuching 3 days late

2nd: stock of shipment limited

3rd: which version of GTA IV kuching shop are ordering

4th: the freezing issue of the game that have been reported by users around the world

so yeah i could not sleep, thinking bout this crazy stuff ( yeah i know some of you would say “aya, just a game man, jeezzz!” ) and i woke up early every time without fail average time around 6-7am, even if i sleep around 3am the night before, just to go on line and check the GTA forums every morning about the progress of the game issues.

but finally i just use the “fuck it theory” just wait an extra 3days, and grab the game, US version of cos and just try my luck that the game does not freezes, and might eventuality fuck up my ps3 (*touch wood*)

and what do u know! it works! been playing it flawlessly, and the game is amazing! my GTA fever is officially over! which made me able to add a new post on my blog. wooho! i would talk about the game details but, i know some of the readers of my blogs are not interested in it. so “fuck it” hahaha! to sum it up. my entertainment list of 2008 is completed: PlayStation3 and GTA IV.

my entertainment wish list set of 2008…hmm..what do u think? maybe might need a HD TV with that huh? a small one for my room??…guess I’ll just have to put it on my 2009 wish list..hehhe

ps3 n gta4

The game itself yes the most expensive piece of disc i have ever own

front cover

inside cover

The bonus material, gotta love RockStar for give shit like these. Yes its the map and subway route of Liberty City, (the game is so big that u need a map haha!)


subway map


~ by Attan on 11 May 2008.

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