Songs and Their Effects

ahh..songs, where can us teenagers be without them? songs can change ones mood, can make us feel a certain way, and of cos gets you in the zone man! especially when ur on drugs. these are a few songs that i really do respect and, are my favorites. click on the song name, and it will be link to youtube so u can sample the songs that i’ll be talking about.

Deathtones- Digital Bath

This is my number one song. love it to death. to me this song is depressing, dark and twisted, gives you this helpless obsession feeling for something or someone. The song give me an impression that, having something more is never enough if u have an obsession, and their for, once your obsessed, you’ll never be cure form it. but the way he sings it, is like, it’s ok to be obsessed, and that to me is depressing for him to live in obsession. like i said, helplessly obsess for something or someone (scary song), listen to the music and lyric, depressing i tell you!.. but i like it. its just to damn dark! hehe

Hard-Fi – Hard to beat

haha this song. makes me feel excited for some reason hahah! i don’t know why, must be the naught tune. it’s a straight froward song. singing bout this dude wanting this chick but the chick is playing hard to get.

Bloc Party- Banquet

my indie days..hehe, these British guys make great songs not just this one but the whole album. totally underground band, 3-4 years before. now i guess their aboveground? anyway, the sound of the drums and the guitar just make u wanna tap you feet and move ur head to the beat. its hard to get the meaning of the song, every one that i know, knows this song, has their own version about the meaning of the song. for me, i guess it about this dude who likes this girl so much that it destroy him inside, but after he figured that out, it’s about telling how bad the chick is and bout him fixing him self up.

Taking Back Sunday- This photograph is proof

i’m not sure what genre this song is. screamo? emo? not sure. good thing bout this song is the timing of the song, their are 2 vocalist singing this song and the timing of them singing is just cun pok! make u feel like out of breath. not sure why is it my list of songs but i guess its worth a listen. this is the song that needs to grow on you though.

A Perfect Circle- 3 Libra’s

ok this song is hard to relate to, one of them twisted song, but from my point of view, its telling us about these 2 person trying to see through each other but their eyes are blurred by the feelings they have for each other, and end up not seeing the truth about the other person, and it all ends up tragically and wasted. the last part of the song tells it all. very interesting song this, if their is a movie based on this song, its gonna be a sad movie.

Puddle of Mudd- Blurry

this song has this courageous feeling to it, gives you hope in terrible situation somehow. a sing-along kind of song, very enjoyable song to sign along together wit friends when you tipsy, driving around hahah!

Third Eye Blind- The Background

man i grow up listening to these guys. background, this song..damn JIWANG to the max! its about him losing his girl and that even if she’s gone he still keeps her memory in him, his undying love for her. also his telling us his story bout what he gone through losing the girl. the song feels so peaceful, the lyric are hard hitting jiwang! i highly recommend you hearing this song. no other jiwang-ish song can compare to this one, mark my words! go it!!

Massive Attack- Teardrop

the ultimate drug song, its gonna trip the hell out of you man, has a strange/scary video clip as well, if u listen to the song with a good sound system when your high, u gonna get so trippy u gonna get lost in your own room. NO KIDDING!

Cold- No One

well the singer said, the song is about his mum. i dont know bout that, but its such a dramatic song to me, the dude got a unique voice, the way he sings it make the feel of the music very edgy, parts of the song makes u feel like wanna burst out “energy”, it keeps building that “energy” in you, as soon as the music reach it peak, your expecting a damn heavy guitar riff with screaming. but your in for a surprise they way it release all he energy out feel damn smooth, just slides it out

Goo Goo Dolls- Iris

ok i bet almost everyone knows this song, its originally sung by Goo Goo Dolls, not that Ronan Keating guy!!! i’m not gonna explain much bout this song. just wanna put it in cos i believe this song are one of the timeless songs ever created.

Death Cab For Cutie- Title and Registration

sad lyric happy sounds..and a funny video clip. song’s about someone finding something that reminds that person of someone. get it?

Bloc Party- This Modern Love

magical……. seriously magically dreamy song. easily daydream away listening to this one. u should listen to this song if u like dreamy songs. songs about the modern love we experience now days in out time. very funny lyric also. the link given above is their live performance. if u wanna listen to just the music it self click here <<click here>>

Slipknot- Vermilion Part 2

hahah ok well some of you know that slipknot is a damn kuat! heavy metal punya genera, all the screaming of suffering, the heavy drums on steroids, kick as guitar riff, etc etc. and some of you who cant stand or even cant listen to this type of tunes, you’ll be suprise when u listen to this song by them, totally not the traditional slipknot style. its semi acoustic and whats most funny of all, its a JIWANG song! can u believe it!? but hey, seriously its a good song. give it a listen, i promise you its worth your while..even heavy metal guys has a soft side to them..haha..

so about the song form my point of view. is about a boy girl relationship, he likes a girl so much to the extend of obsession, and of cos slipknot style of a story is that he cant get to the girl, cos he knows that his not worthy enough to be wit the girl, very sad actually the way he tells it in the song, and their is a part in the song where he actually said “she isn’t real, i cant make her real” which to me give a picture that the girl means so much to him that shes not even real any more ie: too good to be true. be warn…the video clip is very twisted, its a continue of vermilion part 1.

Foo Fighter- Walking after you

there is nothing to be said about this song….cos it a special song for me and my matal! hahah!


~ by Attan on 24 May 2008.

8 Responses to “Songs and Their Effects”

  1. haha u stupid keng!!!!love ya;)

  2. heheh why stupid leh?

  3. our song is a weird one ok. eeee….i wan change song!@!!!

  4. We aren’t teens anymore. Adults who cops are authorized to lock our ass up in prison.

  5. silly goose, i like ur post on this one. some songs bring back memories like teardrop and the “utak ku bodo” hahahaha!! rmbr tht? omg..gone were the days.

  6. at Deathline: thats why dont do kes anymore like last time la..this time kena tangkap terus go jail..HahaHAH!!!

    at Gail: haha, bagus.. gonna post up a few of this type of post real soon!

  7. now is my turn. update oi!!!

  8. what about that song ~ TUNG TAK-TAK Tung TAK! TUNG TAK-TAK Tung TAK!

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