so yeah, watched this movie called Stay . was made in 2005. and i thought it was one of a kind movie, very brilliant vision that director. The capturing effect was damn trippy, story line was damn crazy! but confusing at the same time, movie soundtrack comes from my favorite bands like Massive Attack, Damian Rice etc. Movie was freaking weird all i can say…really mind twisting just the way i like movies. and the ending…DAMN!!!! till now i’m trying to figure out. not going to tell cos spoilers are not good! if u have the chance to watch it, WATCH IT!.

i know some of you out there dont share the same taste as me and dont understand the concept of thing from my opinion, and most of the time get me wrong, but this is totally up to you to judge, but for me, i give it a 4 out of 5 rating!

click the link >  here  < for Stay’s Trailer.

P.S. dont worry it’s not a ghost/horror movie, because if it is, i wont be writting bout it. not a fan of that genre!


~ by Attan on 21 Jul 2008.

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  1. U are so wired but tht is y i Lubvreeee UUuuuu

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