Picture Answers

i know its been a while since i post up in my blog, was too lazy to do so, but my chick ask me to do this particular post..then i do lah.

Q1. The age you will be on your next birthday.

Answer: 22

Q2. A place you’d like to travel to.

Answer: Amsterdam

Q2. Your favourite place.

answer: My room

Q3. Your favourite food.

Answer: Salmon

Q5. Your favourite pet animal.

Answer: British Bulldogs & Pitbulls

Q6. Your favourite color combination.

Answer: Black and Yellow

Q7. Your favourite piece of clothing.

Answer: Jeans

Q8. Your all time current favourite song.

Answer: Digital Bath by Deftones

Q9. Your favourite TV show (currently).

answer: Friday Night Lights

Q10. The town you live in.

answer: Kuching

Q11. Your first job.

Answer: debt collector

Q12. Your dream job.

Answer: being a lazy well paid architect (hahah gotta love this interpret picture of architects!)

Q13. A bad habit you have.

Answer: bumming around / being lazy

Q14. Your worst fear.

answer: getting into an accident

Q15. One thing you’d like to do before you die.

answer: to crash a ferrari and not pay for it.


~ by Attan on 30 Aug 2008.

One Response to “Picture Answers”

  1. u miss out one question keng

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