Awake at odd hours

•13 Mar 2008 • Leave a Comment

SO here i am, awake at 4am…being a i have this addiction on games.. i’m currently playing this game called Nitto Legends, its this online base game where u build you car up and race with others online..its addictive damn it! i cant help my self.

talking about addictions, i find that Lupe Fiasco- Superstar song is kinda addictive as well, usually when the radio play the same song more then once within an hour i get really annoyed at the song..but when this song got played like 5 times the whole day today i don’t mind it at all “if u are, what u say u are, then have no fear, the cameras here” it’s catchy what?

yeah and i watched Vantage Point just now wit shalbe and jojay. well it was ok i give it a 3.5 out of 5 the action part was just crazy man, the story line is twisted, just the way i like it. but the beginning part of the movie really was annoying. I’m not gonna spoil the movie for those who have not watch this yet. but overall ok, ok la the movie

this is how the game look like..does my game car look like my vios? hehe


Well, look what the cat brought in

•12 Mar 2008 • Leave a Comment

Yes back in this blogging scene, and yes i had a blog before..and of cos it’s messed up! so i decide to just dump it in the trash, and said this to myself, blogging? is a waste of time man. what the hell for?”.…… hahaha!

… it turned around and bite me right in the ass. on of the reason i wanna start doing this again is that i have too much time this semester (noted. TOO MUCH TIME) the college only offer 2 subject this semester for the architecture students, the time table was only 2 class per week!!! and man…i was jumping wit joy…but when it came to the actual semester…the time took a toll on me…

i start slacking, hogging on the computer games all day all night mindlessly, hanging around town doing nothing, lying in bed till noon, man all sorts of zombie activities. spooks me out sometimes, i was freaking like mad, i kept wondering if i get to use to this kind of life style…“jang jang jang!”..hehehe

anyway interesting things had happen between these time line i had, interesting things that deserved to be posted on blogs, so it was like a sign and the idea of “wouldn’t it be a good idea to start blogging again?…hmmm” kicked into my head, and after u know it, Bada Bing Bada Boom! i’m blogging.